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TACOI S. COOP. is a growing company dedicated to the design, development and industrial manufacture of components. Its organization is based on the constant improvement,  commitment and involvement of all its members. This has allowed us to be a modern and competitive company within the sector and to participate in projects of a higher technological level.

We pursue loyal, reliable and forward-looking alliances with our customers by focusing all our human and technological potential on meeting their needs. We start by studying together our customer´s necessities to obtain a reliable supply of high quality products.

This is summed up in the following activities and characteristics of the company:

  • Design and industrial manufacture according to our customer's needs.

  • Delivery of finished products including all the operations needed

  • Exact service and quality assurance, especially providing parts for assembly lines.

  • Specialization in machining, welding, and assembly operations in medium or long runs.

  • Competitive costs due to the productive approach of our organization